Rick Beggs started his motorcycle career in 1988 doing side jobs after work on bikes behind Camp Washington  Shell, a gas station. After being introduced to the world of motorcycle racing, he went on to open and operate his own Northern VA motorcycle shop, That was Fast Lane Cycles, in Chantilly, VA .


Over the years, Rick has become a very successful road racer and has built a loyal customer base who trust that their bikes are done right and the advice they are given isn't a bunch of bull. Rick came a long way from his humble beginnings!



After selling Fast Lane Cycles, Rick needed a new project. Combining their passion of motorcycles, racing, and their hard work ethic and determination, Rick decided to open a new shop in the Sterling, VA area. It was close enough to service their dedicated customers in Fairfax, a nice ride up RT 7 or RT 28, while expanding into Loudoun County, which was in dire need of a real performance shop.



We pride ourselves on giving our customers the best service available, the best advice on parts and accessories, and a crew that understands all aspects of our business.  We have a rock solid reputation of providing excellent customer service, support and satisfaction.  We are the Northern VA motorcycle shop for you.

We do it right.

RnR Cycles, est. 2007