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Is this your poor bike?  What if this was YOU?!?  If you didn't get our news letter on how to care for your bike over the winter months, click here to download the information.


Some of you will ride year round.  If so, all you need is good anti-freeze, good tires, and maybe a heated vest with some electric grips or electric gloves- all of which you can find here at RnR Cycles. For the rest of you, if you don't want us to be working on your bike to get it up and running as soon as the weather starts to get warm, you should be sure to winterize it properly. This is especially true for all you racers and trackday enthusiasts! Water wetter will freeze and corrode your cooling system. Particles in your oil will settle and solidify. Your battery could lose it's charge and may need to be replaced, or if stored outside, freeze and cause major problems. Fuel will breakdown and gel, clogging your carbs or fuel injectors!

If you haven't winterized your bike yet, most likely, you had the right intentions. But then life got in the way- work, kids, football season, raking endless leaves... Now it's *really* cold and the holidays are barreling down upon you.  If you need some help, call us!  Don't have the time and don't want to be stuck with a big bill in the Spring to get your bike running just because you didn't winterize your bike? Call us! If you don't have a place to store your bike over the winter months and need some room to hide those gifts: CALL US. 703-433-9195.  We still have a few spaces left!

  1. Bikes are best stored with a fresh oil change, and inside a building.

  2. Check the battery, clean the battery terminals, and connect a Battery Tender or similar trickle- charger. If bike is outside, remove the battery and store it inside

  3. Lube the chain liberally, and wipe some oil on the fork sliders, be careful not to get it on the rotors or brake pads.

  4. Be sure the tires are properly aired up, about 30-42 psi for most bikes. Also try to get the tires off the ground if the bike is inside, if it is outside, try to move it every few weeks to keep the tires from flat spotting.

  5. Fuel needs to be treated with a fuel stabilizer, we carry some brands. This makes sure that the fuel will not break down, and leave the varnish like residue that gives motorcycle shops so much work in the spring. You will need to run the bike for 5 or 10 minutes after adding stabilizer to your tank to be sure it is in your carbs also, fuel injected bikes need only run 1-2 minutes. You also want to drain the float bowls. Any fuel left in the bowls for any period of time will turn into a jet-clogging sludge that will cost you a carb overhaul in the spring. If you have a fuel injected bike then you can skip this step and move on to the next.

  6.  Be sure your tank is full to the top, air contains moisture, which causes rust in the tank, so no air in tank, no moisture.

  7. Your bike needs a thorough cleaning before storage. Blow dry with a leaf blower, and then towel off excess water.

  8. A cover is a nice touch, but be sure to remove it in a high wind, bikes blow over much easier with a cover on them.

  9.  Make sure the bike is locked up

  10. If your bike has a liquid cooling system, check the level and check the antifreeze with a hydrometer. Drain, flush and replace anti-freeze if necessary. We do it every two years. Do not leave it low or empty, it will rust and corrode your cooling system.

  11.  Go ahead and check all the other fluids while you're at it!

  12. Lube your cables. Lube suspension and pivot points. Give your bike a good once over.


Stuff you may need to do this

Fuel stabilizer about $6.00

Bike cover, about $60-92.00

Rear stand, $80-150.00

Front stand, $80-149.00

Battery tender, $38-75.00

Oil, $12-70.00

Chain lube, about $9.00


RnR Cycles can not only winterize your bike, but store it as well to make room in that garage of yours for all your holiday gifts! Or, if your significant other is none too fond of your bike, out of sight, out of least until spring hits! By storing your bike at RnR Cycles, your tires will be taken care of, the bike will be protected from winter elements and best of all, the bike will be accessible to you! If it's a particularly warm day and you get the itch, come on by anytime during our normal business hours, pick up your bike and go for a ride! The only thing we request is that you always bring the bike back to us full of fuel.

All of this is done for only $400 (fuel injected) $425 (extra large or carbureted bikes) with storage until March 31st which includes the fuel stabilizer, oil, oil filter, and the battery tender lead. We also offer free pickup or a ride home within 5 miles of the shop.


Bikes that are arranged for winter storage will receive free towing if you are within 20 miles of the shop. 

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