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Looking for a sponsor?


We at RnR Cycles would like nothing more than to have our customers on the podium at all the local races. But the cost of riding a bike on the track gets pretty expensive. Wouldn't it be nice to get a little help to minimize some of the costs?


People seem to think they have to be winning races to get sponsored.  While we love to hear that you won a race and that we helped in that effort, we really want to promote the sport of roadracing by helping you.


We are looking for riders that have a positive attitude, and are friendly, good people. Even if this is your first year racing, we would like to sponsor you. If you are a National Champion, we would like to sponsor you. If you are just doing track days, we would still like to sponsor you!


Of course, a National Champion Racer will get a better discount than a track day rider, but we want to get our name on every bike at the track! So if whether you race already, plan on racing next year, or do track days, give us a call.

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