Want to have the most fun allowed by law? Enter the fastest and most exhilarating form of motorcycling. The MARRC Roadracing School is provided by the Mid-Atlantic Roadracing Club (MARRC), to teach how to race as safely as possible. This one-day class will open the door to the world of roadracing the very weekend you complete the course.


Experience first hand what it feels like to hang off your bike, slide your knee against asphalt, go around turns faster than you ever thought possible while running on pure  adrenaline! Save your license and take your need for speed out on a REAL race track!

MARRC Roadracing School


The MARRC RRS is one of the few schools recognized as a qualified licensing school by both WERA and CCS, and is one of the most economical schools available. The school is usually run on Fridays before motorcycle racing weekends at Summit Point Motorsports Park.


To find out more information on the MARRC RRS, please visit the MARRC website. All schools are held at Summit Point Raceway, Main track, in WV.  Sign up for a school below and check off that bucket list!

Dates for the 2019 season will be: 

  • May 24th

  • June 21st

  • August 16th

All are Friday before CCS events, on Summit Point's main track, and with an air fence. 



The cost is only $315 and if you pre-register for the school, that cost drops down to $290.


Since the MARRC RRS is an instructional class, you'll have to pass a written test and participate in a mock race. THEN, you will get a certificate which you can present to either CCS or WERA to purchase your race license and be on your way to experiencing the exhilarating sport of roadracing!


Rick Beggs is an  active member of the Mid-Atlantic Roadracing Club (MARRC). Rick is the MARRC Roadracing School Director and also organizes the MARRC track days. 

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