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The Mid-Atlantic Roadracing Club (MARRC) provides track days for riders in the safety of on-track instructors and manned corner working stations with trained staff. Instead of dodging cars, trucks, potholes, animals and debris, riders can feel confident while whipping around the track without the threat of the police.

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MARRC Track Days with Air Fence & MARRC Roadracing School (Friday)
May 24th, 2024 Summit Point, Main Circuit
June 14th, 2024 Summit Point, Main Circuit

$245 per rider if you REGISTER one week before the event.
$295 per rider after

Be sure you can plan for these in your busy schedule. Otherwise, you'll be missing fantastic days at the track having fun, meeting new people, hanging out with your friends, and racing around the track with the best Safety Crew around!  There may be additional days added, but as of now, all Track Days sponsored by MARRC will be before a CCS race weekend and held at Summit Point, Main Track:


                                                                                          Register here



Don't worry if it's your first time- the groups are broken down into beginner, intermediate/advanced , and racer groups . So what are you waiting for? Get out there!



 The cost for a full day of fun and quality track time is $295. Pre-register and that gets you in at $245!  Don't wait until the last minute- there's only a limited number of registrations and MARRC track days are so popular that they DO sell out!



  • Functional kill switch on handle bar

  • Clean and secure bike, with no loose bodywork, parts, bolts, or fasteners

  • Bike numbers displayed on front of the bike, contrasting colors, easy to read, (approval by Head Tech inspector)

  • All lights and reflectors removed or taped over

  • Kickstand is okay for Beginner and Intermediate/advanced, Racer groups are ASRA rules, no stands

  • Brake light disabled

  • Mirrors removed

  • No oil leaks, fork seal leaks, fuel leaks, or coolant leaks

  • Good front and rear brake pads/reservoir fluid condition/level

  • All levers and linkages working; ball-end levers (no spikes)

  • Brake lever should not contact anything when squeezed hard

  • Rear foot pegs secured with zip ties or removed.

  • Throttle smooth and auto returns

  • Tire condition 85% or better, with correct tire pressure

  • Good chain and sprocket condition, aligned and correctly adjusted

  • Racer groups are run by ASRA rules




  • 1 piece or zip together leathers

  • DOT, Snell or ECE approved helmet in as new condition, manufactured within the past 5 years.

  • Hard Back protector

  • Gauntlet style motorcycle gloves

  • Boots, at least 8”tall, securely attached; no slip-on boots

  • Not influenced by medication, drugs or alcohol




MARRC runs track days in 4 groups, you will be out once per hr, 


  • Beginners: No passing in corners, follow control riders)

  • Advanced: MARRC  Instructors will observe, no passing on inside in corners.

  • Racers: Licensed Racer practice ; ASRA LEGAL race prepared motorcycles



If you want to jump to the next level of excitement, you can take the MARRC Roadracing School, instead, and get your race license. The Roadracing School is typically run in conjunction with the Track Day. Check it out here: Roadracing School



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