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Why do you guys charge $120/hr labor rate when other places charge less?

Although we feel our quality of work, experience, and expertise is reflected in our hourly rate, you will be surprised how you could end up paying more for service at another shop once you are out the door! Some places may charge less, but they may not be as forthcoming about any add-ons, fees, etc.  Another industry trick is to charge less per hour, but add more hours than the industry norm for a particular service. 

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts on labor and non-OEM parts for military, police, as well as some of the local motorcycle clubs.  Rick has the final say in terms of discounts.

What are these "misc charges" on my bill?

They consist of 4 parameters: fuel (if your bike needed any), shipping costs, shop supplies (which consist of things like wheel weights, rags, cleaners, bolts, electrical connections, etc) and hazardous disposal for things like old oil, coolant, tires, etc.

How come you won't give me an exact estimate for my repair or service?

Chances are, if you have a running issue or something that requires diagnosing a problem, we will not be able to give you an exact quote simply because we do not know what is causing your problem and will have to spend time to locate the issue(s). If you know exactly what you need done, we can give you a pretty accurate quote.  The flipside to this, of course, is if you diagnose the problem yourself and tell us to do XYZ, and we do XYZ, but that doesn't fix your problem, you still have to pay for the cost for us to do XYZ.  Not to mention, you still have a bike that isn't running right. We usually recommend letting us do the diagnosing so that we can get you back on the road as quickly and economically as possible.

What bikes do you work on?

​We work on ALL types of motorcycles... but, there are some things to remember:


  • Our labor rate is $120/hr.$150 if your bike is over 10 years old. If you have an older bike that requires a lot of work and our estimate is near or even exceeds the blue book value of your bike, you may want to consider that before moving forward with a repair.

  • If you have a bike over 15 years old, it's probably carbureted.  If its been sitting for a while, we have an idea what a carb overhaul (fuel system overhaul), new battery, plugs and air filter will cost.  Again, sometimes it can meet or exceed the value of your bike!

  • If you have an out of date, obscure, or unusual motorcycle, we will do our best to source any parts we may need to get you back on the road but sometimes there can be delays in getting parts here...we do not control ship and delivery times.


I bought these parts online, can you guys install them?

​We can, bit It would be better if you purchased the parts from us to 

1. make sure you buy the correct quality parts,

2. give you advice and expertise, and

3. support your local brick and mortar shop.  But yes, we can install your parts for you. However- there is a caveat. We can not warranty the parts, and if the parts do not work as intended, you still have to pay for the labor that was required to install your parts.  If it is an unusual item we ask that you bring any and all instructions and applicable hardware/software associated with your parts.


My motorcycle doesn't start...can you pick it up?

Surely.  We charge an industry low of $60/pickup and $4 per mile from where the bike is located to our shop.  We will do our best to work with your schedule.


I called the shop number and it went straight to voice come?

Our parts line is setup so that we deal with 1 phone call at a time...if it rolled you over to voice mail it means we were on the phone with another customer at the time you called.  Please make sure to leave a detailed message with your name and daytime contact phone number so we can call you back!, Or better yet, text us at 703-826-9223


Appointments...why do I have to prepay $50?

In order for us to guarantee a time slot for you you must be willing to commit to that time and stick to it.  If your appointment is scheduled for 12pm and you stroll in at 12:17, you are negatively impacting the work flow for the next customer.  So long as you show up on or before your time we will work on it right on time.  Your deposit goes towards your work, you are not paying EXTRA. But if you are noticeably late, or a no show, the deposit will be forfeit.


Why is your storage rate $40/day for a bike?!?

Simply put, we do not have the room for bikes that are left here at the shop for extended periods of time.  We do our best to get your bike back on the road as quickly as possible and feel it is a 2-way street.  When your motorcycle is completed we expect the work done to your bike to be paid for immediately and your bike picked up on the same day.  Bikes that sit at the shop when the work is done take up valuable limited floor space.  During the busy season we are almost tripping over motorcycles!


My bike has a recall from the manufacturer- can you do the work?

Yes and no.  We are not a dealer so we can not do a free recall that you would get from an authorized dealer.  If we do it we have to charge you for it.  If it is under warranty for a free recall, we suggest contacting your closest dealer of that motorcycle and schedule your recall work there.


Do you guys sell or rent motorcycles?  

No, We repair, service, tune, and race/track prep motorcycles, but we do not sell or rent any.


I just got into an accident, do you guys do insurance estimates?

Yes, we work with all major insurance companies and will see to it your estimate gets processed as quickly as possible.  We will be in contact both with you (the owner) and the insurance company as needed.


I got a speeding ticket and I heard you guys can calibrate my speedometer for court- is that true? 

If your speedometer runs off of your transmission or rear wheel then yes, we can.  If your speedometer runs off of a drive in the front wheel then I'm afraid we can not.


Do you price match? 

Sometimes we can and will, but there are times we can not simply because we are not a warehouse, and as a brick and mortar shop. If there is a price you want us to see if we can match, just let us know. Our prices on tires are usually competitive with online pricing and most tires can get here in 1-2 business days with free shipping!


How come it's taking so long to get my part?

Unfortunately we do not control ship times.  We give you our best estimate on when we believe an item will be delivered so you can get back on the road but sometimes an item will be on back order and that adds additional unforeseen turnaround time.  If we are notified of an item being put on back order or any unusual delay we will contact you as soon as possible.


I'm interested in you guys do that?

We live and breathe racing.  Whether you want to go fast in a straight line or explore the outer limits of your cornering capabilities we are the shop for you!  Just talk to Rick and he will get you started and headed in the right direction, helping you spend your hard earned money in the right direction!


What do we have in stock....and what do we usually NOT have in stock? 

If it goes on your modern bike for routine maintenance, we probably have it in stock.  Things like oil, oil filters, spark plugs, fork seals, brake pads, brake fluid, chain lube, coolant, etc.  However, the chances of us stocking your 2008 YZF-R1 doublebubble windshield or an intetgrated turn signal for your (insert make/model here) are low.  It would simply cost too much and take up too much space for us to stock items that don't sell fast.  Most special order items can be placed with us over the phone or in person and many items are 1-2 day transit times with free shipping!

Can I borrow any tools from you guys?

Sorry- nothing personal, but  tools are for technician use only.


You guys just installed new tires on my long does it take till they are broken in or scrubbed in?

Another question we get at least daily!  IT DEPENDS.  Some people are comfortable enough and experienced enough to approach the limits of adhesion relatively quickly...maybe with a handful of miles on them.  Others say go hit the twisties for 50 miles or so and you're good.  Yet there are those that say to wait 200 miles before spirited riding.  The fact is it depends on how you ride.  If you rarely lean your bike over the unused portion will not offer as much grip as it would if it has been scrubbed in. Does that mean you have to drag your knee around the corners?  No, but it does mean to use common sense and approach lean angles moderately and work your way up to your comfort zone.  Better to take an extra 50 miles than be that guy that wads up his bike because he was on new tires and rode too fast or hard for the tires and conditions!


Do you guys do state inspections?

No, we are not set up to do state inspections.  We can, however, inspect your bike and let you know what may cause you to fail a state inspection.  Any place that inspects cars also inspects motorcycles. There are 2 just around the corner from our shop, so stop by to have us look over your bike before you go so you don't fail!


I just bought a used motorcycle and I want you guys to look at it....what does that cost?

We can give your bike a cursory once-over for free to look for any obvious issues.  A proper checkup and road test would be $50.  We will then break down our recommendations into things you need to do vs. what you should do, if it's needed. 


I'm trying to buy a $1.00 screw for my Yamazuki 600 from you guys...why does it cost $10?!?

Simple:  Shipping!  Ship costs on smaller items are $9 from OEM (Yamaha, Kawasaki, etc).  If you are patient we can wait and combine your order with another one and pro-rate your shipping.  But we do not control actual shipping costs.  That $1.00 screw can end up only costing you $3 or $4 total if you are patient and don't mind waiting a little longer to put through a collective order.




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