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Let's face it- we all know that no one is perfect.  But we strive to be.  If we don't do it right the first time, we want to do what we can to make it right because we know our reputation means everything.


Unlike a lot of other shops, we work on both old and new motorcycles, and have a wide range of experience on all makes and models- from American to import.  Our technicians do not “just work on bikes.”  They love what they do, they all ride motorcycles, and are involved with different events and venues. Our technicians have a combined amount of over 71 years experience!  Their mechanical backgrounds vary and include the following specialists: , A trained and certified Dyno-jet master, . There aren't many places like us!


Working on your motorcycle is as important and exciting to them as it to you.   We try to take it past “just doing the service” and talk to our customers, educating them, and hearing what they need and want.  We appreciate the business and customers we service and meet!

Dyno-Tuning click here



We do full on rebuilds, tuning of what you have and upgrades, from dirt bikes to road  bikes, we do it all.

If  you are riding on the track, ask anybody, suspension is going to make you faster than building your motor. 


We carry a great selection of riding apparel to meet your needs, no matter what the weather brings- whether that means keeping you cooler in the summer with ventilated gear, or warm in the fall and winter with our heated grips, gloves, or suits. We even have mil-spec vests for our armed forces customers!


Most of all, among the other helmets we offer, we carry Arai helmets because they are the best, and we want to offer our customers the best for their biggest asset: their head. Arai knows that not all heads are shaped the same either, so by some simple measurements and their wide array of padding, we can fit you with the right size helmet.


Did you know that 6 out of 10 people are wearing the WRONG size helmet?  You might be saying, "So what"?  Well, that could mean the difference between your head safely avoiding serious injury and a concussion- or even worse.  Watch Jay Leno's Garage where Jay explains the Arai difference.


RnR Cycles uses and recommends VP lubricants.  We recommend synthetic oil because it offers better protection to your engine, especially if your bike gets really hot in traffic or you explore the higher end of your rev range often.  Also, you can extend your oil change intervals if need be. Mineral (regular) oil is fine for most motorcycles and it does cost 1/2 the price. If you are on a budget, mineral oil will fit your needs, but if you want to ensure the longest life possible out of your engine, hands down- synthetic oil is the way to go.


Most bikes generally range from the high $90s to around $180.  This price includes parts and labor.  Some bikes take less oil than others, most people prefer running synthetic oil vs regular, we only offer premium/OEM oil filters vs inexpensive generic filters.



The cost to change tires can vary significantly based on your motorcycle.  If they are sportbike tires and rims are already OFF the bike, mounting is $32.5 for each tire.  A straight forward sportbike with rims ON the bike is $65 each.  A motorcycle with inner tubes usually takes twice the time and money to do a tire change.  A big cruiser often takes more time because extra parts like the exhaust has to be removed or even the suspension.  Sometimes, a bike has some rust at certain bolts that need to be removed in order for a tire change, and sometimes, these bolts break.  These kinds of things are not always foreseeable and can add to a projected cost.  We will do our best to give you as accurate of a quote as possible. ABS and TPMS add on a small fee, tire disposal is $6 each at this time.


Even though we are a brick and mortar shop, our prices on tires are usually competitive with online pricing and most tires can get here in 1-2 business days with free shipping!  Also, if you don't purchase tires from us, know that we are listed as a preferred installer with Motorcycle Superstore.



If you need to file an insurance claim, we can help you with your estimate.  We can work with you and your insurance to make sure your bike is meticulously inspected for ALL damage.  If you need towing services, we provide that as well.  



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